I am a born and raised New Yorker who moved to Stockholm 8 years ago. During my childhood I spent a lot of time mastering Atari's Pong- that is my smooth segue to say I'm in my forties. As a kid I had a deep interest in how games were developed but I took a detour in life before starting my journey a couple of years ago to find those answers. I have a strong desire and commitment to continue learning all aspects of the gaming industry. 

I'm primarily a console gamer and my favorite titles of all time are Mega Man 2 and Shadows of Mordor (more loot boxes please ). My dream project would be a Mafia style game with a Shadows nemesis like system. Think how cool it would be for a street soldier to take you out when you are down to your last bit of health and then get promoted in the gang based on that bit of luck. I can only imagine the multitude of replayable random rivalry scenarios. Working on that type of project would be awesome.

As of now I consider myself a generalist with a strong preference towards gameplay.  I hope we have a chance to talk and hopefully you can answer my burning question. Why do some developers hate UI so much (I think it's pretty cool)?



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